Are the Care Workers trained?
Yes. They undertake Induction Training and are assessed for competency before they undertake care work. They also have a comprehensive programme of training which includes Emergency First Aid, Health and Safety, Manual Handling, Protection of Vulnerable Adults, Dementia Care, Palliative Care and Administration of Medication.
How do I arrange for some care?
Contact Gemini Exclusive Care office and our well informed and knowledgeable staff will be able to assist and support you through the process. A member of our management team can arrange to visit you in your own home for an informal chat (with no obligations) to discuss your care requirements. We pride ourselves on our care planning processes which support the needs and wishes of the individual. We can refer you to the appropriate agencies if required and guide you through the process.
How would you ensure my safety and protection?
All Care Workers and Administrative Personnel undergo a Rigorous Recruitment Procedure which includes two satisfactory and verified References, Employment History check, Identity Checks, Criminal Records Bureau Check and Check Against the Protection of Vulnerable Adults List (a list of people who are barred from working with Vulnerable Adults) and Eligibility to work in the UK. We maintain confidentiality of all information relating to you and all aspects of your care.
How would I know the Caller is a genuine Worker from your Agency?
You will be given the name of the Care Worker in advance of the first visit. They will have ID badge to verify the caller.
Will I get the same Care Worker every day for all my visits?
You will be allocated a regular Care Worker or regular Care Workers if you have multiple visits per day. There will be substitute Care Workers to cover for Holidays, Sickness and Emergencies. In all cases, you will be informed of the change.
Will the agreed time of my visits be the same everyday?
Yes. However, you need to be aware that we have a leeway of 15 minutes in case of travel problems and emergencies with other clients. If the visit is going to be delayed for more than half an hour, you will be informed.
If I am unhappy with any aspect of my care, what can I do?
We welcome comments from our clients and view this as an opportunity to improve our services. You will be given a Service User Guide which explains the procedure of bringing your concerns to us. We shall deal with your concerns promptly to your satisfaction.
Will I have a say in the care I need?
Yes. All care plans are written with the express agreement of the Client and/or Client representative.
Will the Care Workers perform care tasks which I can do for myself?
No. We foster and promote Independence, Choice, Privacy, Dignity and Confidentiality of all our clients.


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